Kami Garcia: Biography

Kami Garcia

25 mar 1972

Kami Garcia is an author from the United States, famous for her young adult fantasy novels. She was raised in Washington D.C in the ‘70s. She gained an MA in education and worked as a teacher and reading specialist for 17 years before turning her attention to writing books. She and a friend wrote their first book together just to win a bet. They had been told that they would never write the book that they had outlined, so they worked especially hard and fast to finish the whole story.

Kami Garcia is most well-known for the Caster Chronicles series which she co-writes alongside her friend and collaborator Margaret Stohl. There are five books in the series so far, four novels and a novella, and the series has been extremely popular with young adult readers. The first book in the series, Beautiful Creatures, was an international bestseller and has been translated into 39 different languages. In 2013, a film adaptation of the book was released starring Emma Thompson and Jeremy Irons. Garcia was awarded the Bold Ink Award in 2012 and the Purple Ink Award in 2015. She sits on the boards of many literary organisation, such as NaNoWriMo and she works as a mentor for a not-for-profit organisation called Write Girl.

Kami Garcia now lives in LA with her husband, two children and their two dogs, Oz and Spike. She has an MA in education but her success as an author has put an end to her 17-year-long teaching career and she now writes full time.