Judy Blume: Biography

Judy Blume

12 feb 1938

Judy Blume (Judith Sussman) was born in 1938 in Elizabeth, New Jersey and raised alongside her elder brother by her mother and dentist father. She attended New York University and graduated with a degree in Education in 1961.

Blume has used her own experiences to write about real life scenarios for both adults and children. She has been through two divorces and has therefore been able to write frankly about the emotional struggles for all those involved. She uses memories and experiences from her own childhood and adolescence to tackle heavy issues in her young adult and teen books. For example, in the early 50s there were three plane crashes in her hometown. As a dentist, her father was called in to help identify the unrecognizable remains of some of the victims of the crash. These memories from her childhood are the inspiration behind her novel In the Unlikely Event.

Judy Blume rose to fame as a prolific author of fiction for children and young adults. She became renowned for tackling tricky subjects such as sexuality, masturbation and divorce well before any children’s author. Her novels have been a source of comfort and reassurance for millions of teenagers across the world reading in more than 30 different languages. In 1996 she was awarded the Margaret Edwards Award for her dedication and contribution to teen fiction.

Judy now resides with her husband George Cooper on various islands off the East coast of America. She is still writing bestselling books for both adult and child readers.