Judith Rossner: Biography

Judith Rossner

31 mar 1935

The best- selling American author Judith Rossner, is fondly remembered even today for her extra ordinary works such as, ‘Looking for Mr. Goodbar’ and ‘August’. Being a New Yorker by birth, Judith was raised in Bronx. Her father was into textiles and her mother was a school teacher.

Right from her childhood, even before she could figure out alphabets, Judith wanted to be a writer. She was motivated by her mother as well as her uncle who was a writer too.

Judith cherished her dreams but did not taste success initially. Doing various jobs, she still continued to write. ‘To the Precipice’ was Judith’s first novel but it was not well received. Similarly Judith’s second and third novels did not yield any fruits.

The fourth novel, ‘Looking for Mr Goodbar’ published on Jun 2, 1975 was a game changer. The book sold 4 million copies and was the highest selling novel of the year. It was on the New York Times best – seller list for 36 weeks. Paramount pictures acquired the film rights by paying Judith a sum of $250,000. The money gave Judith the option to write full-time.

Judith Rossner’s another novel, ‘August’ was also a best – seller. After ‘August’ was published, Judith’s health took a toll. She published ten novels, her last novel being ‘Perfidia’. After rendering some of the finest works, Judith passed away at the age of 70 on Aug 9, 2005. She suffered from diabetes and leukaemia.

All of Judith’s works portray women in different angles. They portray the relationships of women, their sexual hunger and the bond with their children. Judith Rossner was so determined and passionate in her work that she accepted the initial failures and still achieved success.