Joelle Charbonneau: Biography

Joelle Charbonneau

Joelle Charbonneau is an American novelist born in Illinois in 1974. She is a classically-trained musician with an MA in opera performance. She worked professionally in the music industry throughout her 20s before thinking about writing a novel. She performed in operas and musicals in Chicago before she turned to novel-writing. She still teaches singing privately to a handful of students when she isn’t writing.

Charbonneau has spoken about Agatha Christie being an influence on her work, the novel And Then There Were None, in particular. It was reading Christie’s works which inspired her to write mystery novels. Her love of Christie and her experience in the musical world come together to form the inspiration for her Glee Club Mysteries series of novels. Her work as a music teacher was the inspiration that influenced her to write her series of novels for young adults: The Testing. She saw the pressure that was being put on her young pupils to succeed in every aspect of their lives and wondered about how far this could be pushed in a literary capacity. This is the idea that formed the basis of The Testing. This series is a New York Times bestselling trilogy.

Joelle Charbonneau still lives in Chicago, and her and husband Andy have a young son together. She is a member of various literary groups including Sisters in Crime, International Thriller Writers, Romance Writers of America and Mystery Writers of America.