Joanna Cannon: Biography

Joanna Cannon

Joanna Cannon is the British author of the novel The Trouble with Goats and Sheep.

She was born on 7th February in Derbyshire, and grew up with the Peak District just on her doorstop. She has no brothers or sisters, and neither did her parents, so as a child she found friendship among the characters in her many books. She developed a passion for reading, one which has stayed with her into adulthood.

Cannon finished school at the age of fifteen, leaving after only having obtained one o-level. She worked in a number of different varied jobs in her teens, such as a kennel maid, barmaid and pizza delivery person. She is adamant that each of these jobs taught her something about people which has gone on to influence her writing.

Cannon returned to education in her thirties, deciding to finish what she started and gain her A-levels. She passed and gained a place at the University of Leicester to read medicine. Whilst working as a doctor in a number of different hospital rotations, Cannon turned to writing to help her to clear her mind after witnessing so much suffering during the day. She started a blog and this became the inspiration she needed for her novel. She attended a series of different workshops to learn more about creative writing, and eventually won a competition which afforded her the limelight she needed in order to gain representation with a literary agent.

The Trouble with Goats and Sheep was published by The Borough Press in January 2016. It became a Sunday Times bestseller just a few weeks after publication.

Cannon still lives in the Peak District, along with her Alsatian, Seth. She is currently working on a second novel.