Jo Walton: Biography

Jo Walton

01 dec 1964

Jo Walton is a Welsh-Canadian author who was born in Aberdare, Wales in 1954. She attended secondary school in Llandaff and Shropshire before going to study at the University of Lancaster. She lived briefly in London and Swansea before deciding to move to Canada in 2002.

Walton has been writing since a very young age, but she didn’t have her first novel published until 2002. Her first three novels, The King’s Peace, The King’s Name and The Prize in the Game are all set the same fantastical universe. They are inspired by the legends of Arthurian Britain. These novels were well received, but it her science fiction novels which have really earned her fantastic reputation as an author.

Her first science fiction, Farthing, was published in 2006. It takes place in an alternate history in which Britain became an ally of Nazi Germany after the first few years of the Second World War. This novel won a huge number of awards and was very well received. In 2008, the sequel, Ha’penny, was a co-winner of the Prometheus Award. In 2012, Walton’s novel Among Others was awarded the Hugo Award for best novel. It was also nominated for the Hugo Award, the Nebula Award and the World Fantasy Award and remains only one of 7 books to have received all three of these nominations.

Jo Walton continues to write full time. She lived in Montreal, Canada with her husband, Dr. Emmet A. O’Brien. She has a son named Alexander.