Jeannette Walls: Biography

Jeannette Walls

21 apr 1960

All of us have heard many rags to riches stories and Jeannette Walls’ life is truly one among them. Famous for her memoir, ‘The Glass Castle’, Jeannette has reached this position only by her hard work and determination.

Born in Phoenix, Arizona, Jeannette Walls had a terrible childhood. Her parents Rex Walls and Rose Mary Walls did not bother much about making a career for themselves nor do they plan for a standard income. This reluctance had a great impact on their children. The family lived in houses where rats and snakes were regular visitors and most of the times they were homeless.

At the age of 17, Jeannette Walls went to New York and stayed with her elder sister who already flew away from her parents. Jeannette managed to complete her graduation from Barnard College through the money received from grants, loans, scholarships and also by working at Wall Street Law Firm.

Jeannette worked as a full time reporter at the Brooklyn newspaper called ‘The Phoenix’. She also worked for New York Magazine and Esquire Magazine. At, Jeannette was popular as a gossip columnist and took over many high profile reporters. The interest made her to write the book ‘Dish: The Inside Story on the World of Gossip’.

Although she earned fame as a journalist, her past always chased her. People made fun of her life. To put an end to all the gossips, she decided to write a memoir about her childhood by the name ‘The Glass Castle’. The book became a best seller and was on the New York Times List for 100 weeks. It made 2.7 million copies in sales and translated into 22 languages. The book was a huge success and was also considered for movie adaptation. Appreciation poured in the form of awards.

On receiving such praise, an enthusiastic Jeannette published her first novel ‘Half Broke Horses’ which was based on the life of her grandmother. ‘The Silver Star’ was her latest novel. Jeannette’s struggle paved way for a successful life. Currently she lives with her second husband journalist John.J.Taylor and still contributes to MSNBC.