Jayne Ann Krentz: Biography

Jayne Ann Krentz

28 mar 1948

The author of 120 published novels, Jayne Krentz is one of the popular and successful writers of romance fiction active today. Krentz began writing in college, while studying for a B.A in History. Despite six years of wiring novels and sending them to publish, only to receive rejection letters, Krentz never gave up writing, describing it as a ‘compulsion’. After the publication of her first novel, Gentle Pirate, Krentz spent many years writing contemporary romance. She has since branched out into writing historical romantic suspense, under the pseudonym Amanda Quick, and futuristic/paranormal romantic suspense under the pseudonym Jayne Castle. She has nevertheless continued to write novels set in the present day, including the Romantic Times’ Reader’s Choice award-winning Falling Awake.

Jayne Krentz is a strong advocate of the romance genre, and argues that it is a genre that best explores the nature of family and human emotional bonds. In addition, Jayne Krentz is a strong believer in the feminism of the romance genre, since, in her words “These are books that celebrate women’s heroic virtues and values: courage, honor, determination and a belief in the healing power of love”. She received the Susan Koppelman Award for Feminist Studies for her work as contributor to, and editor of, the essay collection Dangerous Men and Adventurous Women: Romance Writers on the Appeal of the Romance.

Jayne Krentz married her husband, Frank, shortly after graduating with a Masters of Library Science from San Jose State University. They live in Seattle, Washington. In addition to her writing, Jayne Krentz gives generously to the libraries of 15 elementary schools in the Seattle area, and is a member of the Advisory Board for the extension Writers Program at the University of Washington.