Jaye Wells: Biography

Jaye Wells

Jaye Wells is an American novelist who write books belonging to the urban fantasy and speculative crime fiction genres. Jaye Wells used to work as a magazine editor and a freelance journalist before she turned to writing fiction, but being an author is now her full-time occupation.

She is probably most well-known for her Sabina Kane series published by Orbit Books. This is a fantasy series following the adventures of Sabina, a character who is half-mage half-vampire. Her mixed origins make her an outcast in society so she pursues the only career she feels he can: she becomes an assassin. She has also written 7 other books outside of the Sabina Kane series, including two novels written under the pseudonym Kate Eden.

Jaye Wells has said that Kim Harrison’s books have been a huge influence on her as a writer. She has said that the way in which Harrison pushing boundaries and breaks the rules is what drew her to the fantasy genre in the first place. It is the combination of many different elements which attracted her to Harrison’s novels, and this same exploration of many unique strands can be seen in her own work. She has said in interviews that she draws inspiration from literally everything around her. There are ideas in her novels which have from dreams she’s had, newspaper articles she’s read, the information on wine bottles and conversations she overhears in the street.

She is married and now resides in Texas with her husband and son. In her spare time she enjoys travelling, watching TV and experimenting in the kitchen.