Jamie Le Fay: Biography

Jamie Le Fay

Jamie Le Fay is one among the few authors who have tasted success in her very first novel. Jamie‘s debut novel ‘Ange’el’ revealed her talent to the whole world. Jamie was born in Europe and she had great interest in epic stories, especially the characters in those stories. And she had the habit of dreaming stories with heroes, heroines, dragons and angels in her sleep.

According to Jamie, during that period most of the adventurous characters were only males. There were only a few good female characters that too shown on TV and not in books. This buried the seed of feminism in Jamie’s mind and her thoughts. She has always longed for the welfare of women and girls.

Although Jamie worked in information technology initially and had good time travelling around the world, she left the corporate sector since she knew that was not her calling. Jamie started to give importance to feminist movements as she noticed the sufferings of women, the lack of access to food and education to them and more importantly their safety.

Jamie Le Fay is also an accomplished speaker who concentrates on topics related to feminism and gender equality. Though Jamie has picked up her passion little late in her life, she is currently a part of many events that contribute to the safety, well-being and education of girls globally. Jamie admits that it is only what she cared about and what has inspired her life, made her write the book ‘Ange’el’.