J.K. Rowling: Biography

J.K. Rowling

31 jul 1965

The very moment we hear the name J.K.Rowling, we go into the fantasy world with all wizards and the magical spells. She has made almost everyone in this world to see and experience her dreams through the incredibly famous Harry Potter books and its movie adaptations.

Absolutely talented Joanne Rowling was born in Jul 1965 to Peter Rowling and Anne in Yate, near Bristol, UK. She grew up in Chepstow and attended St. Michael’s Primary School. As a child, Joanne used to be a day dreamer. When she was six years old, Joanne surprised her mom and sister by giving them her first story “Rabbit”. Joanne left Chepstow to acquire a degree from Exeter University. She worked as a researcher at Amnesty International in London. Author Jessica Mitford was her inspiration.

During a train journey which delayed for several hours, she dreamed of a boy called ‘Harry Potter’. This paved way for the legendary Harry Potter series. Joanne spent the next five years outlining the script and started writing the first book.

Meanwhile Joanne worked as a teacher in Portugal. Since her first marriage failed, she returned with her child Jessica to live in Edinburgh. ‘Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone’ also got completed by then.

Joanne’s personal life was not in a good shape. She wanted to sell the book to pay her gas bills. Nine publishers rejected her book and finally London’s Bloomsbury Publishing agreed with the condition that her name should be published with two initials since they thought a female name would not attract young boys to read the book. So Joanne took ‘K’ from her grandmother’s name ‘Kathleen’ and published the book under the name ‘J.K. Rowling’. People also said that she will not make enough money by selling children’s stories.

J.K.Rowling took everyone by surprise. All her books created records in sales. According to Forbes 2006, she was the first author to become a billionaire. Harry Potter books were translated into 77 languages and the fame and money that the movies made are known to all.

Kind hearted Rowling co-founded the Children’s High Level Group (CHLG) now called Lumos, which works for the welfare of children. She received the Beacon Award for Targeted Philanthropy. Also a recipient of various awards, most memorable was the award received from one of her fans Prince Charles himself. She is now happily married to Neil Murray.

J.K. Rowling launched Pottermore, the e-commerce company in 2012. She also published a crime novel “The Cuckoo’s calling” under a false name. It is really wonderful to know that J.K.Rowling writes all her books in paper and not in a computer. Her magical journey continues!