J. Courtney Sullivan: Biography

J. Courtney Sullivan

J. Courtney Sullivan is an American novelist who is also a well-known New York Times Best Selling Author. She had great interest in writing from a very young age. Courtney received many prizes right from the start of her career. She received the Ellen M. Hatfield Memorial Prize for best short story, the Norma M. Leas Prize for excellence in written English and the Jeanne MacFarland Prize for excellent work in Women’s studies.

Courtney’s first novel, ‘Commencement’ was a huge hit. The success of the book made it listed in Oprah’s Book Club under ‘5 Feminist Classics to Re (read) as a Mom, Wife and Writer’. Courtney’s initial works focussed on the relationships between female characters.

‘The Engagements’ was Courtney’s third novel which became one of People Magazine’s Top Ten Books of 2013’. The Entertainment Weekly praised this novel as ‘her most ambitious novel yet’. It is an Irish Times Best Book of the Year and to be soon adapted a movie.

Courtney’s writing has appeared in magazines such as The New York Times Book Review, The Chicago Tribune, Wall Street Journal, New York Magazine, Elle, Glamour, Allure, the New York Observer and many more.

Almost all works of Courtney’s were best-sellers. Her novel, ‘Maine’ was named Best Book of the Year by Time Magazine and a Washington Post Notable Book for 2011.

Living with her husband Kevin Johannesen and their dog in Brooklyn, J. Courtney Sullivan currently works with non-profit organisations helping female writers and also in ending child sex trafficking.