Iris Murdoch: Biography

Iris Murdoch

15 jul 1919

Iris was born as Jean Iris Murdoch in Dublin, Ireland on Jul 15, 1919. Iris was a well-known writer and actress as well. She had an awesome childhood. According to Iris, her family was a perfect trinity of love. There was no end to her happiness since she received the same love and affection from her husband John Bayley as well. Iris enjoyed reading right from her childhood.

After completing her studies, Iris held various positions. For two years, she worked as an assistant principle for the British treasury. Iris was also with the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration helping people get jobs. Right from 1948, for two decades, Iris worked as a philosophy tutor at St. Anne’s College in Oxford and in 1953, published her philosophical work ‘Sartre :Romantic Rationalist’.

Iris has authored more than 26 novels. Her works spreads across various genres like philosophy, plays, literature and poetry. Iris’ novels such as, ‘A Severed Head’, ‘Printul Negru’ and ‘An Unofficial Rose’ made her very popular.

Iris was honoured twice by Queen’s New Year Honours List; one in 1976 as the commander of the order of the British Empire and the other in 1987 as the Dame commander of the order of the British Empire. She has also won a Booker Prize for one of her works, ‘The Sea, the Sea’.

‘The Green Knight’ was the last novel published by Iris Murdoch in 1994 and she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease the same year. Unlike other authors who spend their time giving lectures and television appearances, Iris kelp herself occupied with teaching and writing job throughout her life. Her life was portrayed in the 2001 film ‘Iris’ played by Judi Dench and Kate Winslet.

The author of so many good novels passed away on Feb 8, 1999 in Oxfordshire, England.