Helen Phillips: Biography

Helen Phillips

The recipient of a numerous awards and the author of ‘The Beautiful Bureaucrat’, a New York Times Notable Book of 2015; Helen have crossed many obstacles to scale up her path to success. Helen Phillips was born and brought up in Colorado. When she was a child, she was affected by an autoimmune disease called Alopecia due to which she lost all her hair at the age of 11. But Helen did not give up. She completed her graduation from Yale University and acquired MFA from Brooklyn College.

Helen is working as an assistant professor of creative writing at Brooklyn College. Her husband Adam Douglas Thompson is a fellow professor at the same college. ‘Here Where the Sunbeams Are Green’ is one of her classic adventure novel which got published internationally as ‘Upside Down in the Jungle’.

The short stories written by Helen Phillips were made into a collection named, ‘And Yet They Were Happy’. This work was named a notable collection by The Story Prize. Helen’s work was widely recognised that her works appeared on NPR’s Selected Shorts, The House, Electric Literature, Slice, BOMB, Mississippi Review and PEN America.

Helen Phillips was honoured with many awards such as Rona Jaffe Foundation Writer’s Award, the Italo Calvino Prize in Fabulist Fiction, The Lowa Review Nonfiction Award, the DIAGRAM Innovative Fiction Award, the Meridian Editor’s Prize and a Ucross Foundation residency.

Helen personally believes and recommends to students that writing is “an editing process”. Helen who has achieved a lot gives credit to her teachers at Colorado Academy since they were the once who influenced her to become a writer.