Helen Macdonald: Biography

Helen Macdonald

Helen MacDonald is best known for her work, ‘H is for Hawk’ in which she describes the days that she spent training a hawk after the death of her father. Even when Helen was a child, she was obsessed with birds. She had her first falcon when she was 12 years old.

Helen lost her father when she was 37 years old. Without having anyone to give her moral support nor a job to immerse into another world, the sorrow of her father’s loss made Helen Crazy. In order to stop herself from becoming mad, she bought a hawk which she thought as sensible to do.

Although the book, ‘H is for Hawk’ describes Helen’s life with the Hawk, it also has the biography of the naturalist and writer T.H.White. The book which became a Sunday Times best-seller also won the 2014 Samuel Johnson Prize and Costa Book Award.

Helen is not only a writer but also a poet, historian, illustrator and naturalist. She worked as a Research Fellow at Jesus College, Cambridge, as a professional falconer and in raptor research and conservation projects. She also published a book named, ‘Falcons’ in 2006 which describes the relationship between humans and birds. Helen also supported in the making of the film, ‘10x Murmuration’ with film maker Sarah Wood.

Helen MacDonald being a bird enthusiast herself, currently has a parrot to feed on and lives in Suffolk, UK.