Giuliana Bruno: Biography

Giuliana Bruno

15 apr 1957

Giuliana Bruno is the proud winner of the Kraszna-krausz Book Award – the prestigious prize awarded to ‘the world’s best book on the moving image’. Giuliana is the professor of Visual and Environmental Studies at Harvard University. She does research in visual arts, architecture, film and media. She is a master in combining history with art and the resulting architecture is a treat for the audience. Giuliana is considered as one of the most influential intellectual in today’s world working in visual studies.

One of Giuliana’s work named, ‘Atlas of Emotion: Journeys in Art, Architecture and Film’ received huge recognition. The book won the honorary Kraszna-krausz Award, the American Library Association named it the, ‘Outstanding Academic Title’ and The Guardian named it, ‘Best Book of 2003’. This book has given a different perspective for visual studies.

Almost all works of Giuliana received great feedback. Another book of Giuliana named, ‘Streetwalking on a Ruined Map: Cultural Theory and the City Films of Elvira Notari won the Kovacs Book Award from the Society for Film and Media Studies.

Few of Giuliana’s other works include, ‘Surface: Matters of Aesthetics, Materiality and Media’, ‘Public Intimacy: Architecture and the Visual Arts’, ‘Offscreen’ and ‘Immagini allo Schermo’. ‘Immagini’ was named one of the 50 Best Books of the First 100 Years of Film History. Giuliana gives importance to architecture in most of her woks. For example in ‘Public Intimacy’, she talks about the role of architecture in the production of art and the making of public intimacy.

Apart from writing and publishing her own books, Giuliana also writes frequently for international books about architecture and visual arts such as ‘Automatic Cities: The Architectural Imaginary in Contemporary Art, Space and Ruins. Giuliana also gives lectures at museums and universities internationally.