Gillian Flynn: Biography

Gillian Flynn

24 feb 1971

Gillian Flynn is an American author born 1971 in Kansas City, Missouri. She lives in Chicago with her husband Brett Nolan and their son. Gillian received her undergraduate degrees in English and Journalism from University of Kansas. Later when she moved to Chicago she got her master degree in journalism from Northwestern University. Before starting her career as an author Gillian Flynn moved to New York where she was a film critic for 10 years.

Gillian Flynn sees herself as a feminist, but refuses to portray women into the stereotype heroines, so often met in especially the romantic literature. As she notes, feminism is so much more than just girl power and be-the-best-that-you-can. It is also portraying woman as plainly bad, selfish and pragmatically evil. She finds her inspiration in a semi-underground room, only accessible through a creepy basement. The kind of place where you would find yourself stuck in a typical horror movie when the murderer is lurking around the house. And of course in Gillian Flynn’s novels it is the woman lurking around and the husband that is stuck in a room in the basement.

So far Gillian Flynn’s novels have been published in more than 28 countries, and she has won several awards. Both her novels Dark Places and Gone Girl have been or are about to become adopted for the movies.