George Sand: Biography

George Sand

01 jul 1804

George Sand was a French writer of novels and memoirs, born Amantine-Lucile-Aurore Dupin in Paris in 1804. Sand’s literary career began with a writing collaboration with Jules Sandeau. Together, they wrote a few stories and published them under the penname Jules Sand. George Sand’s first novel to be published was the 1831 work, Rose et Blanche written under this collaborative name. The first novel to go to press under the name ‘George Sand’ was Indiana, written in 1832. Then came a flurry of novels, short stories and plays, which made Sand a prolific and well known author within her own lifetime. Her most popular novels were Maurprat and Consuelo, which are still two of most well-known works.

When the French Revolution began in 1848, Sand set up a newspaper in order for her to be able to freely publish political essays and articles. She was liberally-minded and wrote many articles which sided with the working classes and were supportive of women’s rights.

As well as being a renowned writer, Sand was also known for her numerous and public romantic affairs with prominent members of the artistic world at the time. The most famous of these being Frédéric Chopin, the composer, and the writer Alfred de Musset.

Sand died in in June 1876, aged 71. She was laid to rest in the grounds of her house in Nohant in the French département of Indre. In 2003, plans were put in place to move Sand’s remains to a new home in the Panthéon in Paris, but this resulted in severe controversy.