Gayle Forman: Biography

Gayle Forman

05 jun 1970

The author of seven novels, one which was adapted into a movie, and one travelogue, Gayle Forman is a writer of Young Adult fiction whose works deal with the issues of teen and young adult social justice. This focus of Forman’s writing was formed by her years of experience writing articles on young adult social justice issues, first for teen magazine Seventeen, and then as a freelance journalist.

Though most famous for her novels, Gayle Forman’s first book, published in 2005, was a travelogue, titled You Can’t Get There From Here: A Year on the Fringes of a Shrinking World, which reflected on her year travelling the world with her husband in 2002. After Forman’s return to the United States, and the birth of her daughter, she began writing Young Adult Fiction. Gayle Forman’s second novel, If I Stay, was published in 2009, and won her the NAIBA Book of the Year Award. The novel was adapted into a movie in 2014, and is currently published in 30 countries across the world.

Gayle Forman’s experience travelling the world, both as a freelance journalist investigating stories, and her travels with her husband, was a formative aspect in many of her novels. The young adult social justice themes in her novels are often explored through the protagonists’ experiences as they travel the world. Gayle Forman has, herself, travelled to all the locations across the world which appear in her novels. Forman’s awareness of social issues across the world has also been expressed in her adoption of her second child from Ethiopia.