Florence King: Biography

Florence King

05 jan 1936

Florence King was a history teacher who turned into a writer. She was born to a British father and an American mother on Jan 5, 1936 in Washington D.C. Florence did her graduation in History in American University and joined the University of Mississippi to do her masters; but did not complete her M.A degree and left the college the moment she realised that she can make a living by being a writer.

Before becoming a writer, Florence worked as a history teacher and also as a file clerk. Florence has contributed many articles for, ‘The American Enterprise’. She was also the feature writer for the Raleigh News and Observer.

Florence was well-known for her column, ‘The Misanthrope’s Corner’ in National Review. Post retirement in 2006, Florence started writing a new column for National Review named, ‘The Bent Pin’. ‘Barbarian Princess’ was one of the historic romantic novels authored by Florence under the pseudonym Laura Buchanan. Florence has also written many pornographic stories, pulp paper books and erotica under various pseudonyms.

The first book published under Florence name was, ‘Southern Ladies and Gentleman’. Florence has published almost all the non-fiction essays in her own name. In Oct 2006, a selection of her book reviews and articles was released under the title, ‘Deja Reviews: Florence King All over Again’.

Florence King, who accomplished herself as an American novelist, essayist and columnist received the North Carolina Press Woman Award for her achievement in reporting. Florence, who has been referred to as the World’s Funniest Bi-Sexual Republican passed away on Jan 6, 2016 due to heart and pulmonary disease.