Fiona Sampson: Biography

Fiona Sampson

Fiona Ruth Sampson had a major turn over in her life from being a concert violinist to an award winning poet and writer. Fiona, who grew up in West County was fond of music right from her childhood. Her interest in music made Fiona discontinue the school education and study violin in Salzburg. It is because of her immense love towards music, Fiona’s poems shine exceptionally well.

Having acquired a doctorate in philosophy of language, Fiona serves as an international guide for creative writing in healthcare. Fiona has received numerous fellowships. Fiona is the founding editor of Orient Express. At a very young age, she founded the ‘Poetryfest’- the Aberystwyth International Poetry Festival. Fiona holds the credit of being the first female editor of ‘Poetry Review’, the title that she held for sixty years.

Having published 29 books, Fiona is a regular contributor to some of the top magazines. Her works were translated in 37 languages. Fiona has won numerous awards for her works. She has been shortlisted twice for T.S.Eliot & Forward Prizes.

Fiona did not stop with receiving awards; she has been the honourable judge for various prestigious awards including the International Foreign Fiction Prize, T.S.Eliot Prize and many others. Fiona chaired the 2015 & 2017 Roehampton Prize and the 2015 & 2016 European Lyrie Attas Prize.

Currently residing in Hertfordshire, Fiona has contributed a lot to the literary world and is still continuing the good work.