Fern Michaels: Biography

Fern Michaels

09 apr 1933

Fern Michaels is an American bestselling author who was born Mary Ruth Kuczkir in Pennsylvania in 1933. There are currently more than 70 million copies of her novels in print. She is best known for her romance and mystery novels, especially those which have made it onto the USA Today and New York Times bestsellers lists; titles which include Crown Jewel, Pretty Woman, Family Blessings and the novels in the Captive series.

Michaels moved from Pennsylvania to New Jersey when she married. She and her husband had five children together, the youngest of which started school in the year that Michaels turned 40. Her husband told her that she should get a job, but having had no experience of working life, she had no idea what she was qualified to do or how to find employment. Instead of looking for a job, Michaels began to write, choosing to adopt the pen name of Fern Michaels.

Her first manuscript was refused by all of the publishers that she contacted but the second had much more success, despite her husband’s disapproval and lack of support. They separated soon after. Michaels’ writing career took off, and she went on to write more than 60 novels throughout her career.

Fern Michaels now lives in Summerville in South Carolina. Her house is a large plantation house which is has been standing for more than 3 centuries. She has often said that she shares the house with a ghost called Mary Margaret who leaves her messages.