Emma Donoghue: Biography

Emma Donoghue

24 okt 1969

Emma Donoghue is known as an Irish-Canadian writer because she was born in Dublin, Ireland on October 24, 1969 but became a Canadian citizen in 1998. She was educated at the University College of Dublin where she graduated with a first class honours degree in English and then went on to the University of Cambridge to do a PhD in the same.

Donoghue no doubt inherited some of her literary genius from her father, a well-known literary critic. While a teenager, she says she never needed to do drugs because there were always books to read.

A very versatile author, Emma Donoghue writes novels, short stories, plays, radio and film scripts as well as literary history with equal aplomb. She has written eight novels, several collections of short stories, scripts for plays and films along with three academic volumes dealing with literary history.

Emma Donoghue’s first novel appeared in 1994 and, since then, she has written seven others which are a mix of historical and contemporary stories. She explores feminist issues in her books including the lesbian life style and several of her books have been nominated or actually won awards in this category of fiction. Examples of this are Hood that won the American Library Association Gay, Lesbian and Bi-sexual Award; The Sealed letter (2009 won the Lambda Literary Award) and Slammerkin (Ferro-Grumley Award).

Her most outstanding novel to date is Room which not only made the international bestseller’s list but also sold over two million copies. It was subsequently nominated for the prestigious Man Booker Prize and later made into a movie with the author having the rare privilege of writing the script herself. Another of her books, Frog Music, is also slated to be made into a film soon.

From as early as in her twenties, Emma Donoghue has been earning her living as a writer full-time. She currently lives in London, Canada, with her partner and two children.