Emily Liebert: Biography

Emily Liebert

Emily Liebert was born in New York City, where she also spent all of her childhood. She studied for her BA in English Literature and Language at Horace Mann School and Smith College. After graduating, Liebert went to work as an Executive Assistant at ABC News, helping to produce programmes for Peter Jennings Reporting. Liebert went on to become the Editor-in-Chief for The WAG, a lifestyle magazine for the wealthy living in Westchester and Fairfield Counties.

Liebert has also worked as a freelance writer, creating articles for media platforms such as The Huffington Post, Elite Traveler, Gotham, Robb Report and Oprah.com. She published her first book, Facebook Fairytales, in 2010. It is a compilation of uplifting real-life stories about people who have found their happy endings through Facebook. It includes stories of people finding their long-lost family members, falling in love, donating to worthy causes, tracking down criminals and communicating messages to their loved ones.

Following the success of this book, Liebert wrote her first novel which was published in 2013. You Knew Me When tells the story of a small-town girl who moves to New York and works her way up to becoming a powerful executive in the cosmetics industry. She is forced to return home after 10 years, and finds that she has changed irreversibly. Liebert has since written 3 more novels and plans to write many more.

Emily Liebert writes full time, but in her spare time she teaches Pure Barre, cooking, traveling the world, riding a Harley Davidson and spending time with her husband and two sons.