Emily Bronte: Biography

Emily Bronte

30 jul 1818

Emily Jane Bronte, a British novelist and Poet was famous for her only novel ‘Wuthering Heights’. Emily’s life on earth remained only for a short period; yet her novel became a classic of English literature.

Emily Bronte did not have a normal childhood. Born on Jul 30, 1818 in Thornton, Yorkshire to Patrick Bronte and Maria Branwell, Emily was the fifth among six children. Emily’s mother died of cancer when she was 3 years old. The family moved to Haworth and her aunt Elizabeth Branwell took care of the motherless children.

Emily’s education was very limited. She joined a boarding school at Cowan Bridge where her elder sisters were studying. Since the school was run by charity there were no proper facilities and even students were treated harshly. Due to the poor conditions, Emily’s sisters Maria and Elizabeth died of Tuberculosis. Hence Emily and Charlotte were taken back home.

After this loss, rest of them spend lot of time at home and were very close to each other. Since their father spent most of his time in a lonely manner, the children got engaged in playing, reading books of Shakespeare, John Milton and many magazines. They started building stories with imaginary characters. Bronte sisters’ flair for writing started here.

Emily went to School for studies, but she was not able to stay outside her home for a long period. She was very shy and didn’t have any friends. Charlotte noticed Emily’s poems and wanted to publish it. Charlotte published Bronte sisters’ poems jointly under different masculine pen names. Emily’s work got published under the name of Ellis Bell. Although only two copies were sold, Emily did not hold back.

In 1847, Emily Bronte published her novel ‘Wuthering Heights’. It received mixed reviews and became a success only after her death. Emily’s health took a toss after the loss of her brother in Sep 1848 and in the next three months Emily died of tuberculosis on 19th Dec, 1848. In 1850, Charlotte edited and published the novel under Emily’s real name. May be the world would have seen more of her work if Emily would have lived a little longer.