Ellen Marie Wiseman: Biography

Ellen Marie Wiseman

Ellen Marie Wiseman (born in Three Mile Bay, New York) is an American author.

Raised in a small village, with only limited access to education, Ellen Marie never gave up on her dream of being a writer; but it was not until she met William Kowalski, her current editor, that she was able to develop her personal writing style and was finally headed down the right road toward getting published.

Wiseman's German heritage inspired her to write a spectacular historical debut novel about World War II Germany, The Plum Tree (2012). An involving, touching tale of young love and survival, The Plum Tree received much praise for its depiction of the lives of the average German at the time; Wiseman eschews the genre's usual military conflicts in favor of the slow, inexorable pressure of daily life during wartime, lending an ultimate and compelling poignancy to this intriguing debut.

What She Left Behind (2014), Wiseman's second novel, is both contemporary and historical fiction in which the author seamlessly weaves together two plots. This book alternates between two women: one in the late 1920's and the other in 1995. Wiseman, having conducted extensive research on the Willard State Hospital, does an excellent job of conveying the horrifying methods employed to cure the mentally ill during the first decades of the 20th century. The two story lines are interconnected in overt and subtle ways throughout the novel, written in smooth, really beautiful prose.

In her new historical novel, Coal River (2015), Ellen Marie Wiseman explores the emotionally charged topic of child labor. The story focuses on the major conflict between a courageous young woman, on the one hand, determined to end child slavery in a Pennsylvania mining town, and both the mine owner and the police captain, on the other hand, who stand in her way. A highly anticipated book.