Elle Kennedy: Biography

Elle Kennedy

Elle Kennedy is a RITA award nominated best-selling author who is well-versed in writing romantic suspense and erotic contemporary romances. Elle was brought up in the suburbs of Toronto, Ontario. She graduated in English from York University.

As a kid, Elle always liked writing. She knew from the very beginning that writing is her cup of tea. So she started concentrating on it and made a career out of it when she grew up.

Out of the many works of Elle, the off-campus series became widely popular and appeared on many best-seller lists. Also it got published in over ten countries worldwide. One can notice that Elle’s heroines are all strong and bold. The heroes will be steamingly hot and sure she gives so much intense that readers cannot hold on.

Elle loves organising things and she herself has set standards for her. What she listed as her goals at the age of 16 came into reality before she reached 30. Elle is such a disciplined personality and a hard worker.

Elle’s works has been listed in New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal. She chooses books very selectively. But if it satisfies her, Elle sticks to that author thereafter. She also loves interacting with her fan followers.