Elizabeth Berg: Biography

Elizabeth Berg

02 dec 1948

Born in 1948, and working as a registered nurse for 10 years, it was not until 1993 that Elizabeth Berg published her first novel, Durable Goods. Elizabeth Berg has since written 25 books, in both fiction and non-fiction. Her books have been translated into 27 different languages, and 5 of her books have been included on Bestselling lists. In 2000, her novel Open House was an Oprah’s Book Club Selection. The body of Elizabeth Berg’s work was awarded the New England Booksellers Award in 1997.

Elizabeth Berg’s fourth novel, The Pull of the Moon, was adapted into a play, which has been performed twice to sold-out venues in Chicago. In addition to her fictional work, Berg is the author of a number of essays, with her latest effort being The Pretend Knitter in 2013. In fact, Elizabeth Berg’s first published effort was an essay which was selected as the winning entry for an essay contest in Parents magazine.

Elizabeth Berg’s father was in the military, and she spent the early years of her life moving often. Twice, Berg went to three different schools in the same year. This military upbringing has been an influence on her writing, and, in particular, is explored in the Katie Nash, trilogy. The experience of being a registered nurse, according to Elizabeth Berg, was effective preparation for her career as a writer, since it gave Berg an understanding of human relationships, and human nature, which is what she explores in her writing.

Though she was married for 20 years, Elizabeth Berg is now divorced, and she lives in Chicago with her two dogs and a cat. She has two daughters and three grandchildren.