E.C. Diskin: Biography

E.C. Diskin

E.C.Diskin had interests in various fields before becoming an author. She is a kind of person who believes that humans are capable of learning anything far beyond our thinking. So, she studied radio / TV/ Film and dancing as well. Diskin continued her dancing career until age 25 after which she got fascinated into law and went to law school.

After years of practicing law, Diskin understood that she was unable to go beyond facts and arguments in that field and that her imaginations were buried in herself. The characters that she came across in everyday life fed to her imaginations that she finally decided to draft a fiction.

All those ideas that she nourished for years came to life and took new form. Dicken’s debut novel, ‘The Green Line’ was a mystery thriller about a Chicago lawyer. Diskin’s real life experience as an attorney inspired her to write this novel. The novel also got featured in The New Yorker Magazine and was a segment on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.

E.C. Diskin is always very confident of her writing and readers can feel it from her works. Another work of her named, ‘Broken Grace’ took shape from her love for Southwest Michigan, a beautiful rural place. Diskin never feels contended easily and she always wants more, which can be seen in her future works.

Listening to mellow music makes Diskin relaxed and urges her to write peacefully. It is interesting to know that when not busy with writing or taking care of her kids, Diskin plays with power tools and build stuff.