Doris Lessing: Biography

Doris Lessing

22 okt 1919

Doris Lessing was a renowned author who had published more than 55 works and holds the credit of being the 11th woman to become a Nobel laureate in literature and the oldest recipient of the Nobel Prize for Literature at the age of 88. She has contributed in many genres like fantasy, science fiction, short-stories, plays, essays and auto-biographies.

Born as Doris May Tayler in Kermanshah, Persia (currently Iran), she grew up in Zimbabwe and then moved to England. Her childhood was pretty difficult that she had to leave school when she was 14. She did various jobs ranging from a nursemaid, telephone operator, office worker and journalist.

Doris Lessing had two marriages which ended up in divorce. She started her writing career after moving to England. Doris first novel, ‘The Grass is singing’ was published in 1950. The second novel, ‘The Golden Notebook’ which published in 1962 made her a feminist role model. Doris also wrote under the Pseudonym Jane Somers.

Doris was recognised for her works throughout her career and had received many awards. She was the recipient of Somerset Maugham Award; France’s Prix Medicis and was shortlisted many times for the Man Booker Prize. The British government recognised Doris as a ‘Companion of Honour’ in 1999.

The Nobel Prize winner Doris Lessing died peacefully at her London home on Nov 17, 2013 at the age of 94.