Djuna Barnes: Biography

Djuna Barnes

12 jun 1892

Djuna Barnes was an American Novelist and Poet, known for her aggressive form of writing. Her fictions are more violent and sexually explicit. Djuna’s childhood would have been a great factor for her way of writing. Born in Cornwall, New York in 1892, Djuna’s childhood days was full of horror. Her father was very violent and many other awkward relationships in the family made her mother to move to Brooklyn with her children.

Djuna Barnes did receive education but only for a short period. She started her career as a reporter to support her family. Djuna’s first novel, ‘Ryder’ got published in 1928. A semi auto- biographical novel, ‘Nightwood’ which got published in 1936 was considered the masterpiece of Djuna’s works.

Djuna not only succeeded in becoming an author but she also accomplished herself as a prolific reporter, writing for the Brooklyn Daily Eagle, New York World Magazine and Vanity Fair. She also published a chapbook ‘The Book of Repulsive Women’ in 1915.

Many applaud Djuna’s part in the development of the 20th century modernist English writing. It can also be noted that most of Djuna’s novels are based on her relationship with artist Thelma Wood. Djuna is not only a great writer but also a talented visual artist. Most of the illustrations in her books are drawn by her.

Djuna Barnes died at the age of 90 in 1982, after publishing her last book, ‘Creatures in an Alphabet’ the very same year. After Djuna’s death, people have shown great interest in reading her books.