Diane Setterfield: Biography

Diane Setterfield

22 aug 1964

Diane Setterfield, a British writer, who got fame from her very first book, ‘The Thirteenth Tale’, has a different approach towards life. A very simple Diane was born in Englefield, Berkshire. But she spent most of her childhood in the nearby village of Theale.

Always an avid reader, Diane Setterfield studied French literature at the University of Bristol. She also did a course in Creative Writing at Devon farmhouse. Her mentor Jim Crace got astonished by Diane’s ability and her determination. According to him, Diane was more interested in hearing criticism than praise. This is a strange quality that Diane possess which most of us cannot even think of following. Jim anticipated her success long back before she actually did.

Diane used to teach English at various institutes in France. Her first book, ‘The Thirteenth Tale’ was published in 2006 covering almost 38 countries and sold more than 3 million copies. The book also made to the top of the New York Times fiction list and was also made a movie.

Diane left her teaching job even before the book got her high financial status. She got a deal worth £800,000 for a two book contract with Orion and her U.S deal brought her more than $1 million. Diane and her husband always wished to lead a different kind of life. They were not after money but looked for satisfaction from whatever they did even if it had less monetary gain.

Success and fame did not change Diane. But for the rest, it came as a shocking surprise that a former lecturer who lived in Harrogate barely known to anyone has suddenly become one of America’s Best Selling Author. Diane’s second novel, ‘Bellman and Black’ got published in 2013.

Diane Setterfield was always addicted to reading. According to her, ‘she’s a reader first and writer second’.