Diane Chamberlain: Biography

Diane Chamberlain

Diane Chamberlain took to writing at the age of twelve. Being a voracious reader helped her as she was able to imagine things and give proper form to it. Diane loved reading books written by Victoria Holt and Sinclair Lewis. On an educational front, she received a master’s degree in social work from San Diego State University.

Diane always loved social work associated with the medical field. So after completing graduation, she started focusing on her career. She started to work in hospitals. It was during one of her long wait for a doctor’s appointment that she took a pen and paper and started writing a story that came to her mind. She was unable to stop writing. That’s how Diane’s writing career started.

Doing justice for both her career was difficult for Diane. So with hard heart, she left the job at the hospital. Diane took four years to complete her book, ‘Private Relations’. Even though she sold her book in 1986, the book got published only after 1989. Diane’s efforts paid as the book was given the RITA Award for Best Single Title Contemporary Novel.

With 24 novels to her credit, Diane also wrote for TV and few other articles for newspapers. Her stories always revolve around relationships and the emotions attached to them. Diane Chamberlain currently lives in North Carolina with her partner John, a photographer and her sweet Shetland sheepdog, a Cole.