Deborah Harkness: Biography

Deborah Harkness

05 apr 1965

Deborah wears the hats of a professor novelist and blogger. Currently teaching European history of science at the University of South California in Los Angles, Deborah used to run the award winning wine blog, ‘Good Wine Under 20$’

Deborah’s life has always taken turns. Every decision that she took has changed at the very end. She wished to acquire a major degree in theatre but ended up studying Renaissance. Similarly she became a college professor instead of college administrator which she initially wished for.

Having spent her childhood in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Deborah has lied in quite a few places in U.S and also in U.K

‘A Discovery of Witches’ was Deborah’s first novel which she started writing in 2008. The novel was also well received that it became a New York Times Best-Seller in Feb 2011. The novel continued by the name, ‘All Souls Trilogy’

The second book in the trilogy named ‘Shadow of Night’ also hit No.1 on the New York Times Best-Seller list. Deborah was very much appreciated for trilogy with the last success of the last volume, ‘The Book of Life’

Deborah has shown her talent even in category of non-fiction. Deborah’s historical non-fiction includes, ‘John Dee’s conversations with Angels Cabala, Alchemy and the End of Nature’ and ‘The Jewel House: Elizabethan London and Scientific Revolution.

Deborah is a scholar who has received fellowships from the American Foundation, The National Science Foundation and the National Humanities Centre. She is a wonderful person who loves what she does no other matter how it turns to be.