Danielle L. Jensen: Biography

Danielle L. Jensen

Danielle L. Jensen is a Canadian author who was born and raised in Calgary. She attended the University of Calgary and graduated with a degree in finance in 2003. She worked in the oil and gas industry for 6 years before having a change of heart. In 2010, she returned to university and studied English Literature at Mount Royal University. She has been writing fantasy books for young adults since 2008.

It took her 2 years to finish her first fantasy manuscript, after having unsuccessfully dabbled in romance writing for a while. After having finished the book in 2009, she finally received a call in 2012 with a promise of representation for her book Stolen Songbird. In 2014 it was listed as a finalist for the GoodReads Choice Award.

Stolen Songbird is the first in the Malediction trilogy. It is the story of a world in which a curse has forced the population of trolls to live underground for 5 centuries. A prophecy has been made which predicts that the trolls will be set free and the trilogy’s protagonist is kidnapped and taken underground as a result. The initial idea for the book came from a dream that Jensen had about a city which was covered in rubble. The main mountain in the novel, the one under which the trolls live, was inspired by a Turtle Mountain in Canada. In 1903 there was a huge landslide on the mountain and 90 people were killed in the town below. This mountain and the story of the landslide are the basis for Forsaken Mountain which is so important in the setting of the Malediction trilogy.

Danielle L. Jensen still lives in Calgary, Alberta but now with her partner and their daughter. She writes full time.