Clementina Black: Biography

Clementina Black

27 jul 1854

More than a writer, Clementina Black is known as a social reformer. Clementina consistently worked for women’s rights at work. She had constant connections with many trade unions, Marxist communities and various other institutions and tried hard to eradicate women’s sufferings.

Clementina had a tough childhood. Born in Brighton, Clementina was educated at home by her mother. She became fluent in French and German. Clementina’s life took a turn when her mother died while trying to carry her husband whose legs weren’t functioning. Responsibility was bestowed upon Clementina. She had to take care of her father and seven siblings.

After her father’s death, Clementina moved to London with her siblings. She started writing fiction, worked as a lecturer and also started getting involved in social problems. Her first novel, ‘A Sussex Idyl(sic) was published in 1877.

Clementina was very active in the Fabian Society. She became close with Eleanor Marx, a daughter of Karl Marx. Clementina’s social reforms started acquiring shape when she became the honorary secretary of the Women’s Trade Union League. She initiated the movement of equal- pay motion and also campaigned for a legal minimum wage.

Clementina supported the cause of working class women. She wrote books on Trade Boards and minimum wage. Even though she was busy in her political work, Clementina continued to write novels until her eye sight deceived her. Clementina wrote seven novels including, ‘An Agitator’, her last novel which was about a socialist strike leader. ’The Linleys of Bath’ was one of her most successful novels.

Clementina was a part of various unions and took some top positions. She never married and dedicated her life for good cause. The legendary feminist Clementina Black passed away in 1922 in her house in Barnes.