Cathy Lamb: Biography

Cathy Lamb

Cathy Lamb is an American author who was born in Newport Beach in California. She grew up in a rural environment and has recalled that she spent most of her childhood playing outside and enjoying nature. She was an active child, a keen skateboarder and cyclist who didn’t shy away from mud and scraped knees.

The Lamb family moved to Oregon when Cathy was 10, depriving her of her dream to live by the beach and surf all day. Lamb began to focus more on her academic pursuits and became a writer for her high school newspaper. It was here that she discovered her love of writing and found her motivation to become a professional author.

Lamb attended the University of Oregon, staying on to study for a master’s degree once she had graduated. She earned a degree in education and became a teacher for children in the fourth grade. She taught for a number of years, but after giving birth to twins, she decided not to go back into education. Instead she launched a career as a freelance writer before penning her first novel.

Lamb’s debut novel, Julia’s Chocolates, was published in January 2007. It is the story of a woman who runs away from her own wedding, and is taken in and assisted by an eccentric variety of different women that she meets along the way. She has since written more than 15 different novels, all published within a relatively short space of time.

Cathy Lamb lives with her husband and their children, and continues to write full time.