Catherine Ryan Hyde: Biography

Catherine Ryan Hyde

Catherine Ryan Hyde is a well established American novelist and short-story writer. Her family consisted of many writers and Catherine too exhibited her writing talent quite naturally. Born in 1955, Catherine spent her initial years in Buffalo, New York.

After completing high school, Catherine did many jobs from being a dog trainer, a tour guide to a job in a bakery. But later she started to focus on writing. Though Catherine came from a family of writers, it was not an easy journey for her. Her first work got published only after she faced 122 rejections.

Catherine’s short stories brought her more success in the initial stages. Although Catherine’s first novel was ‘Walter’s Purple Heart’, it was ‘Funeral for Horses’ that got published first. Catherine tasted success and was recognized as an author after the book, ‘Pay It Forward’ got published.

‘Pay It Forward’ got translated in 20 languages and published in more than 30 countries. It was even made a movie and Catherine received the honour of being invited to the White House for the movie screening. Catherine never had to look back after that. The success of ‘Pay It Forward’ made her publish more than 24 novels and most of them were best-sellers and award winners.

Many of Catherine‘s stories have been nominated for Best American Short Stories, The O.Henry Award and The Pushcart Prize. Also she received second place in the 1998 Bellingham Review Tobias Wolff Award for Fiction. Most of Catherine’s works exhibits her own travels and also deal with various gender issues.

Apart from writing, Catherine Ryan Hyde loves photography, hiking and is easy accessible to her fans.