Cassandra Clare: Biography

Cassandra Clare

27 jul 1973

Rightly called ‘the New Queen of Fantasy’ by Wall Street Journal, Cassandra Clare made her talent felt in the world of fantasy. Born to American parents Elizabeth and Richard Rumelt, who were strong in academics and literature, Cassandra’s attraction to this field is quite natural.

Born as Judith Rumelt in Teheran, Iran, she travelled to many places before she was ten. Her family lived in France, England and Switzerland. The adventurous trek through Himalayas is still fresh in her memory. Since the family kept moving, Judith made books as her companion.

When studying in Los Angeles, she wrote stories to amuse her friends. One among them was an epic novel named ‘The Beautiful Cassandra’ from which she got her pen name ‘Cassandra’. She started to write from the age of twelve.

After completing her studies, Cassandra Clare lived in Los Angeles and New York. She switched between two places. She worked for many entertainment magazines. She also got popular in capturing the world tours of Brad and Angelina.

Cassandra Clare loves fiction. She started writing her first novel ‘City of Bones’ in 2004. This was her first novel and also this was the first book in the ‘Mortal Instruments Trilogy’ series which bagged a place in the best sellers. ‘City of Bones’ also received high honours in the form of awards.

From 2006, Cassandra Clare dedicated her full time in writing fantasy fiction. She loves to write sitting in local coffee shops and restaurants with her friends. A short story called ‘The Girls Guide to Defeating the Dark Lord’ was her first professional writing.

A person who has a natural flair for fantasy – Cassandra Clare lives with her husband Joshua Lewis and three cats in Massachusetts.