Candace Bushnell: Biography

Candace Bushnell

01 dec 1958

Candace Bushnell is synonymous with Sex and the City. Her first book, the hit series and subsequently the blockbuster movie is loved by both men (although they might not admit it) and woman of all ages. Sex and the city is almost an autobiography, since Candace Bushnell herself as Carrie Bradshaw wrote a column, Sex and the City, for The New York Observer for 2 years. It was bought as a book in 1995 and a year later sold to HBO as a series. .

Candace Bushnell almost did not made it in New York. Shortly before she was asked to write the column Sex and the City, she had serious thought about moving back home to Glastonbury. For years she had been struggling to make ends meet, striving to be taken serious as a journalist, flirting with a modeling and acting career, but as we know everything turned out fine.

Candace Bushnell is now married to ten years younger Charles Askegaard. Is she settling down now that she has tuned 50? Probably not since 50 is the new 30 right?