Cameron Dokey: Biography

Cameron Dokey

Cameron Dokey is an American author, born in 1956 in the Central Valley of California. She is the daughter of two authors and her father was also a lecturer of Creative Writing, Philosophy and Western Literature. Dokey was therefore raised in a very literary household and grew up reading classical literature and mythology. This early

Dokey attended Sonoma State University and studied Archaeology. After she graduated, she continue the career as an actress which had begun during her high school days and she acted at the Oregon Shakespeare festival for several years. She moved from Oregon to Seattle and continued to act in various companies and venues, including the Seattle Rep. Here she met Jim Verdery, the man who would become her husband.

Dokey has written over 30 novels for children and young adults. She has a bibliography which spans a huge variety of genres, including horror, romance and historical fiction. She is perhaps best known for writing novels based on the incredibly popular American television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. These books are not novelizations of the series but instead tell additional stories featuring the characters from Buffy. The plot lines were approved by Fox and Joss Weedon, creator of the series, and were therefore sold as official merchandise.

Dokey has also written a series of novels called Once Upon A Time. These 8 novels are retellings of classic tales such as Cinderella, The Snow Queen and Rapunzel for slightly older child audiences than the tales originally target.

Cameron Dokey and her husband now live in Seattle, Washington with their three cats.