Brittainy Cherry: Biography

Brittainy Cherry

Writing was Brittainy Cherry’s world right from her childhood. Her passion made her to graduate in Theatre arts and excel in Creative Writing from Carroll University. Brittainy always had loved theatre and took part in writing screenplays, acting and dancing, although dancing was not her strength.

Brittainy has written some good books for which she received immense response from her readers. She has very well handled the subject of love in her book, ‘The Air He Breathes’. Brittainy has taken a subject which is most known and commonly used by all but gave a new rendition thereby making her readers to immense in its fun.

We have seen many books on student/ teacher romance but the book, ‘Loving Mr. Daniels’ authored by Brittainy is an outstanding one. Brittainy has given life to each of the characters in the book that the readers travel along with her characters to hear their story.

‘Art & Soul’ is another amazing written book of two teenagers trying to get them used to the adult life. Brittainy has made her readers to expect that the characters are real.

Brittainy Cherry has touched the heart and soul of her fans by way of her writing that none of her fans would be satisfied by reading her work once. They all need more reads and her books will always be in their favourite list. Brittainy Cherry currently lives in Milwaukke, Wisconsin with her family and enjoys playing with her pets.