Barbara Claypole White: Biography

Barbara Claypole White

Barbara Claypole White was raised in a rural English village, always knowing that she would one day become a novelist. She studied history at York University, specializing in women’s and medieval history, and was given a job as a promoter for London fashion. She worked in the fashion industry for a number of years before being sent on a business trip to New York where she met her future husband at JFK airport. She soon moved to the United States and became a freelance writer, using her spare time to work on her first manuscript.

Claypole White’s son developed obsessive-compulsive disorder at a very young age, and learning to raise him with his different needs sparked her fascination for mental health. This struggle has become the inspiration for her novels, with The Unfinished Garden and The In-Between Hour centering on protagonists struggling with their own mental health battles.

Claypole White set herself the challenge of securing a book deal before she turned 50, and she managed to sign a publishing contract just two months before her birthday. Since her first novel was published in 2012, she has written 2 more. Her first book, The Unfinished Garden was chosen as the Barnes and Noble Romance Pick in 2012 and her latest book, The Perfect Son was a goodreads choice 2015 nominee.

Barbara Claypole White is working on her fourth novel, which she has announced will focus on a character living with manic-depression.