Anne McCaffrey: Biography

Anne McCaffrey

01 apr 1926

Anne McCaffrey was a science fiction writer from Cambridge, Massachusetts. She got fame from her popular novel, ‘Dragonriders of Pern’. This best seller made everyone call her the ‘Dragon Lady’. Born on Apr 1, 1926, Anne’s father served in U.S army and her mother worked as an estate agent. She majored in Slavonic Languages and Literatures from Radcliffe College.

With great interest in writing, Anne wrote her first novel in her Latin class but since her teacher and father was not supportive, she changed her path and became an actress. The success that Anne would have tasted by this novel was blocked then. Anne McCaffrey trained as an actress and Opera singer. She got married in 1950 and had three children.

Passion for writing was still burning inside Anne. She started writing and chose science and fiction. Anne’s first novel, ‘Restoree’ was published in 1967 and in this book she criticized the manner in which women were portrayed in science fiction novels. As her children grew up, Anne was able to dedicate full-time to writing. ‘This Ship Who Sang’ and the collection of ‘Dragonriders of Pern’ are considered her best works and showcased Anne as a story- teller to the world.

Anne’s works got great recognition. She was awarded a Hugo for her novel, ‘Weyr Search’ and a Nebula Award for her famous, ‘Dragonriders’. Anne was always a sought out guest at various science fiction conventions. But her health got a back stage due to arthritis and this reduced her travel. Anne lived in a house which she herself designed.

A hard core lover of Horses, Anne maintained a private stable and her horses were successful in Horse Trials and show jumping. Anne McCaffrey who had great interest in art and science passed away on Nov 21, 2011 due to stroke.