Anne Frank: Biography

Anne Frank

12 jun 1929

Amongst the world of authors celebrated for their great novels and short-stories, Anne Frank's diary made her exceptionally popular and this diary remains to be one of the widely read books in the world. Anne does not have a list of novels other than her diary, where she recorded the events of her life.

Anne was born to Otto Frank and Edith Frank Hollander in Frankfurt, Germany. She was interested in reading and writing from a very young age. In 1933, the family moved to Holland. On Anne’s 13th Birthday, her father presented her an autograph book which she started to use as a diary. She started narrating the events of her life to an imaginary friend named Kitty.

In 1940, the Nazi's captured Holland and so Anne's family were under great threat because they were of German Jewish descent. Nazi's started persecuting the Jews. When Anne’s sister Margot received a notice from the Jewish Immigration ordering her to report to a work camp, the family had no other option than go hiding. They hid themselves for 2 years with some support from their friends.

Anne's mindset during those horrible days is well expressed in her diary. They feared almost every day and lived in a confused state. The Nazi's raided the annex in 1944 and captured Anne's family. Anne Frank's diary ends there. Anne and her sister were sent to Auschwitz and then to Bergen - Belsen where they died of typhoid in 1945.

As the saying goes, ‘great works are to be rewarded’, Anne's diary was safe guarded by their family friend Miep Gies and given to Otto when he returned to Holland. Otto was astonished to see her daughter’s writing. In the letter to his mom he mentioned, ‘I had no idea of the depths of her thoughts and feelings’.

As per Anne's wish, his father published her diary in 1947. Anne Franks's diary was accepted as a well known piece of writing. It has been translated in 67 languages. To say honestly, it was Anne’s art of storytelling that attracted people.