Anne Brontë: Biography

Anne Brontë

17 jan 1820

A novelist and poet, Anne Bronte is the youngest of the Bronte sisters and also the last child in the Bronte family. Although Anne’s works are considered to be classics of English literature, she remained less popular compared to her sisters Emily Bronte and Charlotte Bronte.

Born in a poor Irish family to Patrick Bronte and Maria Branwell, Anne lived with her family at the parish of Haworth on the Yorkshire moors. After one year of Anne’s birth, her mother died. Maria’s sister Elizabeth Branwell took care of the motherless children. Although Elizabeth’s relationship with all the other kids was not on great terms, Anne was very close to Elizabeth.

Anne went to boarding school for a couple of years. Since Anne’s two elder sisters died due to the unsanitary conditions and bad treatment at Clergy Daughter’s School, the remaining children were kept at home and educated. Anne was also attracted towards literature similar to her sisters.

Anne Bronte shared a special bond with her sister Emily. They used to create imaginary stories with toys with which they played. Anne worked as a governess for quite some time. She along with her sisters Emily and Charlotte wrote volumes of poetry and published it by spending money from their pockets.

Apart from poetry, Anne wrote two novels. Her first novel ‘Agnes Grey’ got published in 1847 and ‘The Tenant of Wildfell Hall’ was her second and last novel. Anne’s novels were considered realistic and she did not choose romantic themes as that of her sisters.

Anne was deeply stressed by the loss of her sister Emily. But when she herself fell sick, Anne took all the medications hoping to gain health but in vain. Anne Bronte lost her life to tuberculosis on 28 May, 1849. Had Anne been lived for few more years, she would have achieved more fame than her sisters and the world would have received some great piece of literature.