Anna Smaill: Biography

Anna Smaill

Born in Auckland in 1979, Anna Smaill is a growing author. Anna was fond of music right from her childhood. She started learning violin when she was seven. Her interest in music fetched her seat at Canterbury University to graduate in music. But all of a sudden her interest and ideas took a turn and she ended up in changing her degree course to pursue writing.

Anna, who never thought that she would want a career in writing, received an MA in English Literature from the University of Auckland and later went on to get an MA in Creative Writing. Anna married novelist Carl Shuker whom she met at Victoria University and they got married in 2010. The couple lived in Tokyo for two years and then moved to UK where she did her PhD at University College London.

Writing started in the form of poetry for Anna Smaill. ‘The Violinist in Spring’ was the first book of poetry written by Anna and was published by Victoria University Press in 2005. The New Zealand Listener quoted, ‘The Violinist in Spring’ as one of the Best Books of Year 2006.

Although Anna was involved in writing, she also worked as a lecturer of Creative Writing at the University of Hertfordshire from 2009 to 2012. Anna’s debut novel was, ‘The Chimes’ which got published in 2015. The idea of the novel struck her mind when she was travelling in London bus after quitting her job in legal publishing.

‘The Chimes’ was well received. The publisher of the book submitted, ‘The Chimes’ for the 2015 Man Booker Prize without Anna’s knowledge but unfortunately the book was not shortlisted. Anna has the habit of writing her books in longhand before typing. Anna Smaill lives in Wellington’s south coast with her husband and daughter and currently in the process of completing her second novel.