Anna Sewell: Biography

Anna Sewell

30 mar 1820

Anna Sewell, an author from England penned her only novel ‘Black Beauty, and lived for five months to see the success of her book. More than an author, Anna was an animal lover. She had great relationship and respect toward animals especially horses. She was unable to tolerate any injustice made to them.

Born on Mar 20, 1820 in Yarmouth, Norfolk, Anna used to rely much on horses from her childhood. An ankle sprain affected Anna severely during her childhood that she was unable to walk properly. So she used horses for her travel. Anna unable to attend school received much of education from her mother. Anna’s mother was a popular author of children’s books and Anna helped in editing her mother’s work. Thus, the seed of writing started to grow inside Anna.

As time passed by ill health began to affect Anna. Since Anna had huge love for horses, she wished to do something for them. And so with writing being her passion, Anna started to write her only novel, ‘Black Beauty’ in 1871; but stopped writing until 1876. Later Anna started the project again; since she sensed that she many not survive to see her book release. Inspite of her illness, Anna worked very hard to complete the novel and with the help of her mother, ‘Black Beauty’ got published on Nov 1877. Anna Sewell passed away on Apr 25, 1878 after five months of her book release.

‘Black Beauty’ became a huge success not only among readers but also among various animal rights activists. As per Anna’s wish, the book brought about a great change in the way animals were treated. Though Anna worked so deliberately for completion of her novel, she did not live to see her book getting translated into many languages and people trying to adopt it into a movie.