Andrea Levy: Biography

Andrea Levy

07 mar 1956

Andrea Levy is an author famous for her works on the life of British born children of Jamaican immigrants. Being the daughter of immigrant parents who came all along from Jamaica to England for their living, she herself faced a lot of trouble which she documented in her novels.

The writing workshop that Andrea attended gave her an oppurtunity to explore writing on her own. Andrea always searched for books to know about other black Britishers experience in Britain. But there were not many books under that topic. So, when she started to write during her mid thirty’s, Andrea wrote about things that she always wished to read.

Most of her novels revolve around the theme of problems faced by the children of Jamaican immigrants in Britain. Andrea’s first novel, ‘Every Light in the House Burnin’ was a semi-autobiographical which talks about the life of a Jamaican family in London during 1960s.

Andrea’s other novels, ‘Never far From Nowhere’, ‘Small Island’ and ‘The Long Song’ was set in different periods but all revolved around a common theme. Andrea has received various awards for her works. Her novel, ‘Small Island’ was so well received that it won her the Orange Prize for Fiction and the Whitbread Book of the Year during 2004 and the 2005 Commonwealth Writers Prize. The novel was also adapted for BBC television and broadcast in 2009.

Andrea also received the 2010 Man Booker Prize for Fiction for her novel, ‘The Long Song’. Similar to her novels, the short stories written by Andrea also brought her fame. They were read on radio and published in newspapers. Andrea has herself been a judge for the Saga Prize and the Orange Prize for Fiction.

Coming from Jamaica and currently living in North London, Andrea who was honoured with the Arts Council Award is an example of breaking the blocks for success.