Amie Kaufman: Biography

Amie Kaufman

Amie Kaufman is best known as co-author (with Meagan Spooner) of the New York Times bestseller, the Starbound trilogy, a young adult dystopian novel which has been published in over fifteen countries, won the Aurealis Award for Best YA Novel, and was named the Huffington Post’s best YA novel of the year. More recently, she co-authored the Illuminae Files trilogy with Jay Kristoff, and expects to release another series with Meagan Spooner in 2017.

Born in Melbourne and raised in both Australia and Ireland, Amie Kaufman and her sister were avid readers, spending summers playing out the themes of their favorite stories. Amie was a frequent visitor to her local library, which was conveniently located just one block from her childhood home.

Having graduated from college with honors degrees in history, literature, and law, Amy Kaufman wrote two theses: one on female Irish immigrants in the late 1800s and early 1900s, and the other (for her law degree) on expert evidence. Amie went on to receive a master’s degree in conflict resolution (where she learned about different styles of mediation and communication), and spent seven years working as a mediator before becoming a full time writer. She claims that her education in conflict resolution is “super useful” in both her writing and everyday life.

Amie Kaufman currently resides between the beautiful coastal wineries and amazing city of Melbourne, A stone’s throw from the beach, she enjoys taking lots of walks, playing with her dog, eating the great food her husband likes to cook, and hanging with friends. Her favorite time to write is late at night, and her best advice for aspiring authors is to read a lot—even genres that you don’t want to write, to work hard, but also to get outside and enjoy life. In her words, “you have to live life to write about it!”